Walking the Line in Costa Rica Gets Sage Pfeiffer’s Heart Beating

Sage Pfeiffer, JSerra Water Polo

Walking a deteriorating suspension bridge on a hike in Costa Rica is no walk in the park. But then again, neither is playing water polo. Sage Pfeiffer (15) will be entering her second year of Lions polo, but the sport is no new game to her. Her father an All-American water polo player, mother a swimmer, and grandfather a college polo coach, Sage has always been destined for aquatic greatness. JSerra Blog sat down with Sage to see what exactly it is that made her choose Lions polo.


I love going to the beach and surfing with my friends and family, I guess I just love the water.

Summer Plans:

I’m working on getting my license, so drivers education. But I plan to go to the beach, run, surf, and work on my water polo skills and leg strength.

What did you like about the water polo camp?

I love the individual time with coach Julie. She’s amazing and working on my individual as well as our team skills is so helpful.

Why did you choose JSerra?

Because of Coach Julie, the campus, teachers, and education I’ll be getting.

What are you looking forward to most this summer/camp?

The league games. It helps me improve my overall game and helps me get to know my new teammates better. We work so well as a team so getting to know the new girls is something I’m really looking forward to.

Best summertime memory?

Hands down surfing with the polo girls at San Onofre beach. I loved it!

Favorite position?

Defensively I like being the 2-meter man guard and offensively I love playing set. I guess I’m kind of a different person in the water. I’m really nice, but in the water I’m aggressive if I need to.

The best thing about playing for JSerra?

I just love my teammates and Coach Julie so much that it really helps me enjoy the sport even more than I already do.